Hotels and pousadas in Canoa Quebrada (CE)

September 30, 2008 | By More

Search for hotels and pousadas in Canoa Quebrada:

Note: as Canoa Quebrada is a small area this entry does not contain a map.

Hotels and pousadas

With prices on the website:

Falésia Praia Hotel
Pousada Iguana [reviews in Trip Advisor]
Residencial Long Oceanus
Residenza Canoa

Without prices on the website:

Canoa Beach
Espaço Akronos
Hotel Long Beach
Pousada Aruanã [reviews in Trip Advisor]
Pousada Bela Vista
Pousada Califórnia
Pousada Chalés Atmosfera
Pousada Chataletta
Pousada das Ilhas
Pousada do Toby [reviews in Trip Advisor]
Pousada e Condomínio Morada do Sol
Pousada Fortaleza
Pousada La Dolce Vita [reviews in Trip Advisor]
Pousada Latitude
Pousada Lua Morena
Pousada Morada D’Aldeia
Pousada Oásis do Rei
Pousada Pôr do Sol
Pousada 7 Mares
Pousada Tranquilandia
Pousada Via Láctea
Refúgio do Manati

On the Brazil Travel Blog we have a blog post on links: Canoa Quebrada.

IN SPANISH: Hoteles y posadas en Canoa Quebrada


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  1. Tony says:

    If you spot any errors or mistakes on the information contained on this entry, or you know of a hotel, pousada, hostel or camp site that has its own website and doesn’t feature on my list here, drop me a line at the address that appears on the Contact section. I will try to update the information as soon as I can.